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You deserve clean air to breathe, whether you’re at home or at work. However, many people breathe in dirty and contaminated air every day. Vent Kings is passionate about providing our customers with clean and safe air to breathe.

As a residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC vent cleaning company in the Upstate, we offer the finest air duct and vent cleaning services throughout upstate South Carolina. For more than 25 years, both home and business owners have trusted our highly-trained technicians to deliver exceptional results, friendly customer service, fast turnaround times, and affordable flat-rate pricing. And we don’t even charge extra on the weekends. Our goal is simply to provide you with a property where you can feel healthy and safe.

Health & Peace of Mind

Your air ducts and dryer vents are located behind walls and in hard-to-reach areas. In other words, it’s easy to forget about them—out of sight, out of mind. However, this can be a crucial mistake. If left uncleaned, your ducts and vents will start circulating filthy air around your home, business, or facility. Additionally, uncleaned dryer vents can pose a serious fire hazard.

Vent Kings thoroughly cleans your vents and ducts so that your family members and colleagues can always have peace of mind, as well as clean air to breathe. We recommend scheduling duct cleaning services every three years to keep your property safe. Call now to schedule an appointment.

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(864) 533-5462


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Upstate South Carolina, including Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Pickens, and Oconee

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